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Riding for Focus

Saturday Morning Group Ride Higher Gear Wilmette bike bicycle paceline kids

Move over fidget spinners; we’re going old school!     One in every nine schoolchildren is diagnosed with ADHD, yet 50% of American schools don’t provide the minimum daily requirements for physical activity. With budget cuts, more schools are eliminating …

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Local Ride, Global Impact

WBR World Bicycle Relief Zambia BEEP Bicycle Educational Empowerment Program Education Power Bicycle Buffalo Bike charity Fewstar

In July, a group of riders departed from Higher Gear’s parking lot. The destination for that day was Kenosha, Wisconsin, but their sights were set much farther than that. The riders of our 4th annual Gran Fondo Hundo were pedaling …

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August 2017 BOM: Specialized Turbo Vado

Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 ebike electronic bike bicycle pedal assist commuter commuting Higher Gear Wilmette

Go, go, go! It’s all about the hustle—in work and in play. You have your commute to crush, errands to check off and a social life that fills up every hour of your weekend. The “pedal-assist” Turbo Vado is the …

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Pepe’s Race Report: 2017 Intelligentsia Cup

Joe Pepe Sullivan 2017 Intelligentsia Cup bike bicycle road racing cycling

Every year the whole Chicagoland area gets fired up for the same short period in July (except you cyclocrossers who have already given up on road season): the Intelligentsia Cup.     For me, it was a chance to crush …

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2017 Hundo Winners

2017 Gran Fondo Hundo Higher Gear World Bicycle Relief WBR Kenosha Kingfish Wilmette Robin Brian Pomeroy

July 23rd, 2017 went down as a “W” in our book. Sadly, the day didn’t go to the Kingfish on the field, but everyone else who “played” that day was a winner.     The winners included everyone who pedaled …

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Improving on Perfection

Specialized HQ Morgan Hill Higher Gear Chris Yu

“Innovate or Die.” It’s more than a catchphrase. Specialized is known for its innovation. They are always improving on their bikes and gear, never settling or remaining stagnant.     Innovation was Specialized’s inspiration for building their own Win Tunnel …

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