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Scottie Scotty Meyers Blak2Con Orphans Originality is perhaps instinctScottie Meyers

I dedicated ten years to the Chicago Improv Scene, studying at Second City’s Improv Olympics and The Annoyance Theater, while working on my BFA in Theater/Film at Columbia. Check out the documentaries I made about two of my passions – Originality Is Perhaps Instinct, about Chicago’s improv scene, and Orphans, about the banning of BMX from skate parks. When I’m not at Higher Gear, you’ll find me on my BMX bike or playing Chicago clubs or at SXSW.


2015 Gran Fondo Hundo Higher Gear Kenosha Kingfish metric century baseball game

DJ Fish

I did my time as a bike washer in the summers during college and moved up to the service counter after graduating from UVM in 2014. Since then, I’ve graduated from Barnett Bicycle Institute. When I’m not in the shop, you will most likely see me riding on my ever-evolving Surly Karate Monkey. If I’m not shredding it up on the bike, I am behind a camera lens or a pottery wheel.



Joe Sullivan Pepe Higher Gear Gearhead WilmetteJoe “Pepe” Sullivan

I am a junior cyclist from Evanston, Illinois. I’m going into the 2016 cycling season as a 17 year-old, riding a Specialized Venge, named “El Diablo Dos del Relampago.” I race for Higher Gear in both cyclocross and road. When I’m not racing or training, you can find me most of the summer and many weekends in our shop.



Joy Sherrick Higher Gear CCC 2010 Chicago Cyclocross Cup NorthbrookJoy Sherrick

I saw my first crit – 1983 Coors Classic (where both a young Chris Carmichael and Bob Roll were racing) – and I was hooked on the atmosphere of cycling. Now I’m an avid cycling/multisport enthusiast with a passion for spectating. I love cheering on my personal training clients as they reach their goals and friends and customers as they head toward their finish lines. When I’m not on rides, drafting behind my IronMan husband, I enjoy running, yoga, swimming and playing soccer.


Catherine Watkins

I’m a north shore native who is back after being out on the east coast for school and work. I’ve always been into mountain biking. In undergrad at William & Mary, I raced both mountain and road bikes. Then at grad school at Emory in Atlanta, I raced mountain bikes. I went to Mountain Biking Nationals twice, placing in the top ten in 2004. In 2002, I got my first job at a bike shop working for Higher Gear, where I worked summers during college. I ride mostly Specialized. My road bike is a Roubaix; my mountain bike is a Stumpjumper HT; and my cross bike is a Tricross.



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Wilmette | 847-256-2330

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